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Mirela Pachou


Mirela PACHOU has studied Law at the University of Athens (LLB). She holds an LLM in History and Theory of Law from the same University. In 2018 she completed her PhD in the field of Public Law from the University of Athens, with a thesis entitled: ‘Legal protection of religious symbols: the case of Christian cross’.

As a research associate during the academic year 2019, Mirela taught the postgraduate course “Management of the Public Sector” at the University Neapolis of Paphos. She is also a certified lawyer, registered to the Athens Bar Association since 2010 and works as an external lawyer for Law Offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In parallel to her career in Law, Mirela has developed a strong interest in art and a significant presence in music, with two personal CDs and continuous performances in recitals and concerts in Greece and abroad. Her involvement in music activities including composing, singing, playing piano and accordion and teaching, enables her to explore the connection between Arts and Human Rights, not only academically but also experientially.

In 2019 she has published the article “National and religious symbols within public sphere. Social conflicts and nomological trends” (Journal of Ιnternational and European Politics. A Quarterly Review of Politics and Economics, vol. 45, Nov.-Dec. 2018—Jan.-Febr. 2019, pp.140-148) and was co-author of the book chapter “Human Rights and Sustainable Development in the perspective of 2030” (Papavasiliou et al. [eds], Innovation, Sustainability and Educational Design”, Athens, Diadrasi Pubs, 2019, pp. 129-153)

Her research interests focus mainly on Freedom of Artistic Expression, Data Protection and Intellectual Property and the consequences of new Data Protection Regulations for artists and cultural organizations.

Mirela has a strong participation in volunteering and social activism concerning Human Rights and in May 2019 she has received a recognition from the Bar Association of Thessaloniki for her contribution to the Conference against Bullying.

She speaks English and French.